Law & Government in India

When you look at the modern state of Indian government and society, it’s apparent that it has come a long way from its tribal roots.

While India has always been a very diverse society, in recent years, it is more reflective of just how unilaterally organized the country has become. No longer is it organized by tribal or small-town instability;

instead, it is a thriving modern society. Not only has it progressed in terms of how it’s ruled, but corporations have also transformed the landscape (literally and figuratively) to better facilitate the rise of a modernized Indian economy, government, and society.

The Rise of Corporations

In past decades, India was more or less a trade-based economy. With a tremendous amount of free and cheap labor, the country became a massive source of exported labor around the world. However, in recent decades, the sub-continent has become vastly different in terms of what it can offer, and among the most lucrative offerings is the prospect of corporate hegemony. While the corporate hegemony is often criticized, there is no doubt that it has benefited the Indian people by providing them with a boon of labor opportunities.

Rather than relying on the localized economy, Indian citizens can now look forward to having a more diversified economy that extends outward into the global landscape. Whereas a nationalistic and largely protectionist economy would’ve benefited only the elite, even the average Indian can have access to more goods and services around the world. And without the rise of a corporate infrastructure, it’s unlikely that such an opportunity would’ve ever showed itself.

An Advanced Governmental Make-up

Unlike past decades, India’s government has finally reached a level comparative to other modern economies and governments. In the past, the average Indian did not have as much influence on how the government would be organized, not only in terms of representatives, but also, in terms of policies and proposals. Now, everyday Indians can play a role in getting the laws and policies they want passed. One of the major steps that helped modernize the country is the advent of the aadhar card. The aadhar card is a great tool because it shows that every Indian is not only a part of the country, but they are integral in the societal make-up from top to bottom.

Overall, while the country continues to make strides and modernize, the aforementioned observations are prime evidence of just how far the country has come from its humble beginnings.

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