How Have Communities Been Affected Due To The Use Of Religion In Politics?

Communities throughout the world are found to be in the shadow of communal and religious hatred. Post, the introduction of the fashion of demonstrating oneself as secular by chanting religions slogans and by taking religious stance, religion slowly entered politics in a completely different way. One cannot take a look at religion within politics in complete isolation. You need to look at it in context of secure politics. There are some religious communities that are taken for granted in the form of vote banks by different politicians.  In the attempt to get votes from a certain religious communities, the politicians treat them in a different manner resulting in communal fights and clashes everywhere. So, in a way, it can be said that politics and the way politicians use religion for their own interests has actually been destructive for the overall health of the societies in different countries.

The Present Situation

Now that the mentality of a large number of people has completely changed in terms of religion, this word has been delimited in politics. The concept of religion is on the phase of losing its value in the political field and there are no chances of revival. Seeing to all this, it can rightly be said that there is no use fighting on ones religious identity for the dirty politics that is being practiced on this subject.