How Politics are Affecting Muslims in 2018?

The politics and religion are two different elements but some negative elements of the society are trying to mingle these two different aspects. The religion and politics should remain separate from each other but some politicians are using the religion to dominate the heart of people. Islam is one of the world’s powerful and fastest growing religions in the world.

There are more than 1.5 billion followers of Islam that are living in different parts of the world and the number of followers is increasing every day. There are some politicians that believe that Islam can be a serious threat to the growth of their country while Islam has nothing to do with that. However, it is still a threat because, in case of some serious global issue, all the Islamic countries would get together and fight against others.

Therefore, the politicians are constantly trying to break the followers of this religion apart so that they may not become a threat in the future. Today, we are going to talk about the effects that politics have made on the Muslims in 2018. It’s not only the politicians that are putting pressure on Muslims but the local residents are also participating in this stupid revolution.

If you take a look at the AuthorityAdviser twitter a.c, you’d see that how politics and other elements of the society are continuously humiliating the Muslims. Here is the information about how politics are affecting Muslims in 2018.

Political humiliation

There are some countries where politicians have made some laws due to which the locals are now allowed to humiliate the Muslims the way they want. Recently, a letter was published by a local rebellion in the UK where they have mentioned several rewards for humiliating Muslims in different ways. The locals would have to make a video while they are humiliating the Muslims and they’d be rewarded by the rebellion. And the local authorities have not yet taken any action against this announcement.

Life risks

There are some countries where the lives of Muslims are at a risk and they can’t even go out of their home. The Muslims are being killed for no reason and the world organizations are not showing any interest in stopping this crime. The Muslims are displayed as the terrorists that’s why they are facing the problems in most parts of the world. This situation is created by the politicians because they want to destroy the reputation of the Muslims.


In some countries, the Muslims are facing problems in getting jobs and sometimes, they are not appointed to the higher ranks due to the religious issues. That’s why the Muslims face a lot of trouble when trying to represent themselves in most parts of the world. Click Here and see how politics are affecting Muslims in 2018.