The Role of Religion in Present Day Politics

Religion has always played an important role in the political agendas of different political parties throughout the world. Experts in this field are of the belief that religion is only a certain culture and it can never be compared to the political fundamentalism. A political personality can be of any religion and embracing any specific religion cannot hinder a political personality from adhering to politics. It is about the belief that celestial powers are always there to balance religion and politics for the well-being of the humankind and the world.

Religion- The Political Effects

There are many political parties throughout the world that take up religion for personal gains. The political parties fail to understand that politics is not about the original meaning of a certain religion but it is all about the good things that a certain party or group of people does for the society on the whole. Religion in today’s times has been integrated into politics for the benefits of the political parties. It is something that creates a divide resulting in the demolition of several religious structures. This is due to the fact that various political parties use the religion in the form of a tool for their own gains. They do not strongly assert their viewpoints on religion and use it rather for their vote bank, thereby ignoring the ideology of religion. There are many political parties that make use of the term “religion” in the form of a weapon against other parties stating that the latter is a non-secular political party. Different political parties using religion for mending their ways towards success have led to a divide in the community.